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Roles and Functions

Tasks of Registry Agency

Registration of Advance Directives

  • Review the validity of the prepared Advance Directives and register them internally in the registry agency.
  • If the preparer amends or withdraws the created advance directive on life-sustaining treatment, it may be re-created(amended) according to the same procedure as the creation procedure, or the previously prepared Advance Directives may be discarded, and disposal log is managed(withdrawal).

Explanation and Writing Support for Advance Directives

  • Provide the person who wishes to prepare the Advance Directives with explanations on its significance and what the person needs to know before writing and create a counseling record form.
  • After the preparer heard sufficient explanations on Advance Directives and understood, provide support to the preparer so that he or she can voluntarily prepare a valid advance directive on life-sustaining treatment based on the legal form.
  • Employ and sufficiently educate counselors with appropriate abilities, who will be responsible for the explanation and preparation of the advance directive on life-sustaining treatment, make sure that the advance directive on life-sustaining treatment is prepared in accordance with the legislative purpose of the Life-sustaining Treatment Decisions Act, and record the management status.
Counselors must complete the educational curriculum for counselors that is conducted by the managing agency in order to facilitate the counseling tasks.

Information Provision and Public Relations

  • Provide personalized information, such as lectures and events, link with hospice counseling agency, etc., to those who wish to prepare advance directives on life-sustaining treatment.
  • Promote the meaning of preparing Advance Directives and how to write them to those who do not know or who are aware of Advance Directives but have never thought of writing.

Notification to the Managing Agency

  • Notify the prepared advance directive on life-sustaining treatment and registration, amendment, and withdrawal of Advance Directives to the managing agency through the life-sustaining treatment information processing system.
  • Report the record on work performance process and result to the managing agency.

Retention and Management of Advance Directives

  • The Advance Directives prepared and registered by the relevant registry agency shall be properly retained and managed by the registry agency until amended or withdrawn by the preparer, or the records are transferred due to temporary closure or complete shutting down of the registry agency.
  • The Advance Directives written on paper should be kept in a locked document storage facility. For electronic documents produced by scanning written documents, security of personal information should be ensured by deleting after system registration, assigning a password to the file, etc..