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Life-Sustaining Treatment Plans

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Those who meet the requirements of ˹Life-sustaining Treatment Decisions Act˼ can prepare and leave their intention for life-sustaining treatment through Advance Directives and Life-sustaining Treatment Plan.

Any person of age 19 and above can prepare an Advance Directive on Life-sustaining Treatment even though he or she is healthy. However, you are required to visit the Registry Agencies for Advancec Directives designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and fill out the form after receiving sufficient explanations in order to make it legally valid.

Life-sustaining Treatment Plan is a written form for those who have been diagnosed or assessed as terminal patients or patients at the end stage of life by the doctor in charge and one medical specialist at a medical institution where Ethics Committee has been established.

Even though a patient has already filled out the Advance Directives or Life-sustaining Treatment Plan, the patient himself or herself can amend or withdraw the intention at any time.

Advance Directives, Life-sustaining Treatment Plan - Target, Prepared by, Explained by, Registration
Advance Directives Life-sustaining Treatment Plan
Target Adults ages 19 and above Terminal patients or Patients at the end stage of life
Prepared by Patient himself or herself Prepared by the doctor in charge upon request of the patient
Explained by Counselor Doctor in charge
Registration Registry Agencies
designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Medical Institution
with registered Ethics Committee