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Life-Sustaining Treatment Plans

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How to prepare

01. The patient should receive sufficient explanation on the following matters from the doctor in charge and understand them before preparing the plan. However, if the patient is a minor, the patient and his or her legal representative should receive the explanation together.

  • Matters concerning the status of patient's disease and the methods of treatment
  • Matters concerning implementation methods of life-sustaining treatment and decision to withdraw or withhold LST
  • Matters concerning preparing, registering, keeping, and notifying the life-sustaining treatment plan
  • Matters concerning amending and withdrawing the life-sustaining treatment plan and subsequent measures
  • Matters concerning the use by Medical Institution Ethics Committee

02.Even though the Life-sustaining Treatment Plan has been prepared, the patient can amend or withdraw his or her intention at any time.

At this time, you do not need to visit the medical institution where it was first prepared, and you can visit any medical institution that has registered an Ethics Committee to the Ministry of Health and Welfare.