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Life-Sustaining Treatment Plans

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Designation Criteria

Target Institution

Types of Institutions that can apply as an Registry Agencies

  • 1Medical institutions under Article 2 of the Regional Public Health Act(e.g., health centers, medical centers, branch offices of community health centers and life support centers)
  • 2Medical institutions under Article 3 of the Medical Law
  • 3Non-profit corporations or non-profit organizations(referring to non-profit, non-governmental organizations registered under Article 4 of the Assistance for Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organizations Act) that provide services concerning advance directives on life-sustaining treatment
  • 4Public institutions under Article 4 of the Act on the Management of Public Institutions

Requirements for Designation of Registry Agencies

An office and a counseling room for performing services of registry agency independently

  • A quiet and independent counseling room with a partition should be equipped for the preparer and the counselor to consult in a comfortable environment and prepare the Advance Directives.
  • In order to carry out the services of registering and safekeeping the prepared Advance Directives and notifying the managing agency, there should be a secure office equipped with locking device, etc..
  • Document storage facilities with locks should be equipped to retain the prepared Advance Directives and records of performance.

Work processing system necessary for the registry agency’s services

  • Work processing facilities such as PCs for the tasks of preparing and registering the Advance Directives and notifying the managing agency, scanners, printers, telephones, etc. and the Internet environment should be provided.

One or more departments in charge and two or more personnel who can perform the duties of the Registry agency professionally

  • One or more departments in charge should be operated to professionally conduct counseling, preparation and registration of Advance Directives.
  • Two or more full-time personnel should be assigned to the department in charge of advance directives on life-sustaining treatment.
    • Two full-time workers can combine the tasks with other tasks, but one or more persons must be able to perform the registration and notification of advance directives on life-sustaining treatment.
    • Two personnel for the tasks must complete the education courses for registration agencies performed by the managing agency for smooth performance of the tasks.
  • Other matters as designated and notified by the Minister of Health and Welfare